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Max & Molly Gotcha Smart ID Tag

  • SMART TAG: Easily scan the QR code with your smart phone camera and follow the quick and free registration process. Your pet's contact information will be stored and available with a quick scan of their Gotcha Tag should they ever get lost.
  • GEO-TRACKING TECHNOLOGY: If your pet gets lost and found, and the finder scans this ID tag your pet is wearing, your pet's location (location of the finder's phone) will be sent to the owner, so you can locate your pet. Meanwhile, pet owner information is sent to the phone scanning the lost pet's tag. This tag will have you reunited with your dog, cat, etc. in no time!
  • SMART DESIGN: The dog/cat tag is designed to be quiet, waterproof, small yet visible, and non-intrusive to your pet. A one size fits all smart ID tag that attaches to any dog, puppy, kitten or cat collar.
  • GOTCHA! APP: Download the free Gotcha! app to register your pet. Registration is entirely free with the purchase of this pet tag, or any Max & Molly collar. You can update personalized information anytime and edit privacy settings to select what info. you would like to share with others.
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