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Warrior Canine HuggleCause™

HuggleHounds® is proud to (re)introduce Warrior Canine Connection, an organization whose mission is to provide support for service members, disabled veterans, and military servicemen and women with the help of certified service dogs that WCC trains, as our latest HuggleCause™ partner.

Warrior Canine Connection has been a nationally recognized resource and supporter of Warriors across the United States since 2011. Their efforts have changed the lives of many Veterans by providing a genuine human-animal connection by pairing them with a highly trained service dog.

There is something so special about dogs and how they seem to be able to instinctively provide a calming and dependable presence that truly cannot be replicated. Founder of Warrior Canine Connection, Rick Yount, realized this within his own Golden Retriever puppy during his days as a social worker. This realization eventually led to the establishment of Warrior Canine Connection.

Warrior Canine Connection purposefully breeds Labrador and Golden Retrievers and trains them to, one day, be a hero for our heroes, which is what inspired our current HuggleCause™ toys. Meet Luke and Tommy II, Labrador Retriever Knotties® that, with each toy sold, will directly benefit WCC and their mission to help recovering Warriors reconnect with their life, their families, their communities, and each other.

To learn more, visit warriorcanineconnection.org

Large measures approximately 15" Tall x 9" Wide x 3" Deep.

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